Power Posing Can Change Your World


High power pose
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Power posing is a form of body language. With just two minutes in a confident, powerful stance one can change his or her attitude and the way he or she interacts with the world around them. In this TED talk Amy Cuddy discusses a research report from Psychological Science about power posing. In the study some subjects assumed a power pose for 2 minutes while others assumed passive or neutral poses. The subjects then went through a rigorous interview process to test their interactions. The research’s findings reports:

Humans and other animals express power through open, expansive postures, and they express powerlessness through closed, contractive postures.

These power relations are complimentary, with people naturally adjusting themselves during interactions so that one person assumes a more powerful role while the other person takes on a submissive role. The research shows that the subjects who assumed high-power stances acted more confident and relaxed during their stressful interview. The report states that:


High power pose
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High-power posers experienced elevations in testosterone, decreases in cortisol, and increased feelings of power and tolerance for risk; low-power posers exhibited the opposite pattern. In short, posing in displays of power caused advantaged and adaptive psychological, physiological, and behavioral changes, and these findings suggest that.

Cuddy gives an intriguing talk about the science behind it and her personal story of pretending to belong until she realized one day she finally did. She says of the study:

Our nonverbals govern how we think and feel about ourselves. Our bodies change our minds.

This research could have amazing implications for people who lack the confidence to confront people and/or have discussions. Just two minutes of high-power posing is all that’s required to gain the confidence needed to approach a scary boss, a bossy mom, or that obstinate roommate. Be timid no more! Go forth and achieve your dreams; awaken the power that is already within you!




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The Dangers of Fat Acceptance

First and foremost, let’s make one thing perfectly clear. I do not hate fat people. I would never judge someone’s character on their body shape. Fat people can contribute just as much to society as any other person on the planet. Just as a smoker can have an equally positive impact on the world as a non-smoker.

The fat acceptance movement has a lot of merit behind it. It strives to stop discrimination of people of different body shapes. It battles against bullying. It can help build the self-esteem of people who are heavier than average. These are all positive attributes, but this movement has begun to spawn potentially dangerous attitudes towards obesity. First, that being obese is healthy, and second, that people who are obese cannot change their body.

The idea that being obese is just as healthy as having a healthy body mass index is simply not true. The links between obesity and heart disease are real and are not going to go away despite any changes society has towards these individuals. It really is that simple.

Obese people can lose weight and can keep it off. Thermodynamics applies to our bodies the same way that it applies to everything else in our universe. Energy output vs energy input. If a person’s calorie expenditure exceeds their calorie intake, they WILL lose weight. Regardless of how much they weigh.

If someone is fat, and they are comfortable with it, then that’s fantastic. More power to them. But don’t try to tell me that it’s healthy. It’s like a smoker telling me that even though their habits are different than mine, they’re just as healthy. It simply isn’t true.

I want to reiterate the fact that the fat acceptance movement has potential to be beneficial. However, there are certain truths that need to be accepted. People need to accept the fact that being obese is not healthy and that obese people are perfectly capable of losing weight and keeping it off.

All the best to all body shapes!