A New Tune for Grasshoppers

The days are long gone when the noise of crickets filled the city nights. I’m sure being overtaken by the sound of traffic was depressing for many animals, but they’re not all just laying down and dying. Some city grasshoppers have started changing their tune. They’re not so depressed anymore, or so quiet.

Grasshoppers in urban areas are changing the tune of their courtship songs so as to be heard over the sound of traffic.

A research team from the University of Bielefeld Germany have discovered some grasshoppers have started to change the frequency of their song to be heard over the roar of vehicles. This evolutionary change in grasshoppers could is very exciting to see. I can only imagine what the future will bring…




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Amsterdam’s Interesting Housing Solution

shipping container house housing


Amsterdam has implemented an amazing green architecture technique to deal with limited space and lower income needs: Retired shipping containers. These small houses can even be used for temporary disaster relief housing.  Not only that but, According to figures from SG BLOCKS, a New York-based shipping container builder,

fitting a container for housing use takes only one-twentieth the amount of energy of reprocessing the same amount of steel—and results in an additional hundred years of lifetime.

So it’s more green than recycling the shipping containers, but it also costs less than constructing new housing.

Companies that build modular buildings from shipping containers claim savings of 20 to even 50 percent of traditional construction costs.

Not to mention they’re practically real life legos for people to live in. BAM!





Heating Yourself, Not Your House


Here is an awesome article on heating and insulating the self first and the house or space second. It talks about self insulation.

Modern thermal underclothing offers the possibility to turn the thermostat much lower without sacrificing comfort or sex appeal.

Of course its great to insulate your house, but should we all really be running about our houses naked in the middle of winter? I think we could all be doing the world a little favor and save some energy (not to mention moolah!) by wearing a nice sexy undershirt.

And then there’s THIS article on efficient heating of the space around one’s self. This blog post is pretty epic. She talks about different techniques to heating the person instead of the whole space. She goes through a whole trial and error process and the results of it. I’ll admit her techniques won’t work for everyone, but if that stops you, maybe you didn’t really want to do it in the first place. She managed to save buckets (I’m presuming one could fill at least one bucket with 250 crumpled ones) of money, and for people with larger houses this could save even more.  She has charts and graphs and seriously covers all the questions you might have. Excellent inspiration.


So there it is. Maybe we should be turning the spyglass inward and focusing on ourselves this season.  At least as far as the heating goes.



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