Amsterdam’s Interesting Housing Solution

shipping container house housing

Amsterdam has implemented an amazing green architecture technique to deal with limited space and lower income needs: Retired shipping containers. These small houses can even be used for temporary disaster relief housing.  Not only that but, According to figures from SG BLOCKS, a New York-based shipping container builder,

fitting a container for housing use takes only one-twentieth the amount of energy of reprocessing the same amount of steel—and results in an additional hundred years of lifetime.

So it’s more green than recycling the shipping containers, but it also costs less than constructing new housing.

Companies that build modular buildings from shipping containers claim savings of 20 to even 50 percent of traditional construction costs.

Not to mention they’re practically real life legos for people to live in. BAM!



Paul Ryan: “School? Get a job! In fact get three!”




According to Paul Ryan, the until now unheard of fifth horseman of the apocalypse (riding a red, white and blue horse representing poverty), students should stop asking for rational and affordable tuition costs and instead work extra jobs.  Three jobs to be exact.

According to Ryan the Pell Grants which provide millions of low and middle class students up to $5,500 toward tuition per year is no longer sustainable.  What Ryan believes is sustainable though is billions in tax breaks for big oil companies,  billions of tax breaks for income on investment dividends, tax breaks on corporate jets, as well as tax breaks for heirs of million dollar estates.

As Gerald Ford said, “a government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.”