The Drones Are Coming!


Whether its government raids of domestic properties or the attentive nature of big brother while you surf the internet, the government is slowly gaining ground on its way to a 1984 scenario. As if worrying about someone monitoring our torrents wasn’t enough, we now have to worry about military grade drones being used by police officers in the US to keep us in line. It is true that new conveniences and technological upgrades always come with new battlegrounds and new frontiers, but I wonder if we may be crossing the line that affords us our freedoms.

With compelling arguments from Police such that drones would help reduce cost and help make fighting crime more efficient, drones sound like a good idea.

In this time of austerity, we are always looking for sensible and cost-effective methods to improve public safety,

said Capt. Tom Madigan of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department,

We are not looking at military-grade Predator drones. They are not armed.


These TOYS, as some law enforcers are calling them, are slowly being introduced into society with the idea that drones are the future and that people can make a successful career out of piloting a drone. Call me crazy but when was it ever OK for the government to invade the privacy of its people? Thankfully, we haven’t all stayed silent about this matter, and for the time being the drones are being put down and canceled, but for how long?

Doug Honig, spokesman for ACLU of Washington says:

Drones give law enforcement agencies unprecedented abilities to engage in surveillance and intrude on people’s privacy

Dave Norris, a city councilman in Charlottesville, Va. says:

I don’t mean to sound conspiratorial about it, but these drones are coming, and we need to put some safeguards in place so they are not abused

With the looming threat of overpopulation, is it a question of morality to set these drones afloat that is, for the time being, forcing them to stay grounded? Is this simply one more step towards total control that is part of a New World Order scheme? Or is this simply a cost effective way of handling crimes in a technologically advancing society? Like it or not, THE DRONES ARE COMING!




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StickNFind: Never Lose Anything Again

I lose everything.  Keys, wallet, even a tent once.  How many times have people said “I wish there was some easy way I could locate all the things I lose!”  Many products have been released, but they’ve always been loud, bulky, or downright useless.  Yearn for a more organized future no more my forgetful friends.  The future is here, and it is tiny, optionally silent, and works on bluetooth technology.

The answer to no more lost possessions is StickNFind, an inexpensive solution for tagging and locating electronics, keys, pets, and anything else you frequently lose track of (tents, in my case). A single small, adhesive, bluetooth enabled disk costs $25 and can be attached to any flat surface or key chain.  The device runs on a small, replaceable, CR2016 watch battery that is guaranteed to last at least a year.

The device also contains a free phone app that you can use to find your lost treasures through a radar-like interface.  As of now, the 100-foot range radar only displays distance, but an update, which is planned to come out before StickNFind is released, will add direction, allowing you to play a fun game of hot and cold while you search for your lost kitten.

The app includes other useful features as well, including alerts that tell you when the StickNFind is out of range.  You can also set the device to beep if you leave it behind, meaning that you’ll never forget your precious smart phone at home again.

Developers will be able to create their own apps for the StickNFind as well, allowing them to modify the technology to fit their needs.  StickNFind is currently available for pre-order and will be available for retail purchase in March.

As long as I can program the StickNFind’s alert to sound like a distressed R2D2, I’m in.