I.R.S Releases Tax Return of the 400 Richest Americans


The I.R.S has released the tax returns for the 400 richest Americans.  The returns reveal that 122 have paid less than 15% in income tax.  6 of them paid none.  Zero.  Squat.

There is a huge controversy over the fact that Mitt Romney has refused to release tax returns more than two years old.  Although there is no proof that he has avoided paying the same amount of income tax the average middle class working man and woman pays, there is no evidence to prove otherwise either.

Many have argued that for someone that makes millions of dollars a year like Mitt Romney it would be impossible to avoid paying any income tax at all.  According to the I.R.S, it is very possible.  In fact, it is a proven reality.

This article posted in the New York Times goes into detail regarding the methods and loopholes the elite use to pay minimal to no taxes at all on their various forms of income.

“Taxes, after all, are dues that we pay for the privileges of membership in an organized society.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt 

Doesn’t that mean we’re supposed to kick them out of the club?


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