Bios Urn Will Turn You Into a Tree After Death

bios urn makes me cool oak tree

The bios urn awaits planting!


The Bios Urn  allows people to use their cremated ashes to germinate a tree seed of their choice.  The urn itself is completely biodegradable and is made of coconut shell, compacted peat and cellulose. Gerard Moline has developed the Bios Urn, but is just one of many designers currently attempting to find new ways to make our deaths more eco-friendly.

There is a turn in the way people are approaching life. There is a thriving community looking to live their lives in more ecologically sustainable ways and more and more people are looking to go into the afterlife in the same fashion. Traditional cemetery burial is highly unsustainable. The New York Times states that an

Another  issue contributing to the unsustainability of traditional cemetery burial is its environmental impact. The resources that go into the ground every year associated with a typical cemetery burial translate into: enough wood to frame over 2,300 single-family homes; sufficient steel to erect almost 15 Eiffel Towers; nearly four times as much concrete as was used to build the Pentagon; and a volume of embalming fluid that would overflow an Olympic swimming pool.

In 2012 the US Cremation rate was 43.2% according to the National Funeral Directors Association; raised from only 17% in 1990. Cremation is not only cheaper but also a much more viable option for an eco-friendly alternative with a product such as the Bios Urn. However, the Bios Urn isn’t the only option for those in the market for an alternative choice. There are many emerging options for creative, eco-friendly ways to deal with the remains of a loved one after death. mentions options ranging from chemical-free, short-term body preservation to completely biodegradable caskets and urns.

It’s time to get to the root of the issue and leave behind forests rather than engraved rocks. If you’re interested in purchasing one of these lovely Bios Urns you can do so at the Funeraire website, and maybe even pick up some cremation jewelry while you’re at it…

What tree do you want to become after death?



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