Unprecedented Changes and Extinctions Occurring in Marine Life

Indian Biodiversity Talks has recently posted about a review that examines the impending mass extinctions of marine life that are taking place and will continue to take place on a global scale. Due to global warming and the mass acidification of the oceans, scientists are urging the world to alter its behavior immediately and look further into which species will safely adapt, and which will perish in the wake of history.

The world must change its effect on global climate, and practice sustainable, clean lifestyles if it wishes to provide future generations with what we would consider acceptable livelihoods.

Climate change is obvious all around us, especially when viewing the melting of ice in places like the Arctic and in Greenland.  In July of this year, the melted area of the Greenland ice sheet jumped from 40% to 97% in only 4 days!

One of the greatest effects we have on our world and oceans is through the way we handle our waste.  Ever heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is circulated in the North Pacific Gyre.  It is a patch of ocean containing, in many areas, more plastic than plankton.  The U.S. produces about 6.8 billion kilograms of plastic each year and only one per cent of it is recycled.  There is even plastic from the 1950’s still slowly floating in the midst of more contemporary garbage. It is one of  many ever increasing problems that must be addressed swiftly and efficiently if there is any hope of saving ourselves from ourselves.

*Update* Vice released a documentary on youtube yesterday documenting never before seen aspects and information of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  Most importantly, it reveals in detail how this garbage affects you and seeps into your body quickly and with sickening potency. Click the number to watch part: 1  2  3 (Part 1 and 3 contain the best information, while part 2 focuses more on the journalist’s experience on the ocean).

“Today’s problems cannot be solved if we still think the way we thought when we created them.”  -Einstein

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