Soft Robots Grip Things Gently

Researchers at Harvard University have created a robot tentacle that has a soft touch. It can grab objects with delicate care. The robot tentacle allows for flexibility and a myriad of directional possibilities. This particular robot is one in a series of robots being developed at Harvard. It can manage objects as fragile as flowers, and I’m thinking, what lovely lady wouldn’t love her flowers delivered by a nice compliant robot tentacle?

The future is looking pretty lithe if you ask me.

3 thoughts on “Soft Robots Grip Things Gently

    • Haha, this does seem like a pointless venture at first glance. Think of all the implications gentle robotics has though. We can have automated harvests of plants, automated construction of machinery that requires a gentle finesse, or many other implementations that we once thought only careful fingers could accomplish. This will add a whole new human level to robotics.


    • This research was done at Harvard University. Which is a private Ivy League university and the United States’ premier research university. The university itself was the first corporation chartered in the United States and funds itself. It’s not paid for by anyone’s tax dollars. Cool huh?


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