The TSA’s Totalitarian Reign

A woman recently documented her experience with a few TSA officers in which she was reprimanded and not allowed on her flight due to her attitude.  Apparently, she drank her water instead of letting the TSA test it, which you would think would validate that the water was A-ok and not a deadly chemical or bomb additive, but no.

I know not every person that works for the TSA is an uneducated circus clown on a power trip, but let’s be honest, most are.  I have heard of and experienced some downright silly behavior by the TSA, but this one takes the whole bakery.

She was kicked off her flight.  When she asks the TSA officer if they think she is actually a threat they say “no, no, but your attitude…”

She asks, “so let me get this straight, this is retaliatory for my attitude, this is not making the airways safer, this is retaliatory,” to which the TSA officer responds, “pretty much yes.”

Here’s the kicker.  When she asks, “is this legal?”  The TSA clown confidently responds “yes it is.”  And there you have it.  The very definition of a power trip superfluous to the safety of people these officials are supposed to be serving and protecting.  Sound familiar?

I guess it could be worse.  Did you hear about the elderly woman who was forced to take her adult diaper off to complete a body search?  No, that’s not the set up of a punch line.  

The woman notes:

“The TSA detains people or removes them from flights every day for non-security, punitive reasons. Passengers have missed their flights because they didn’t want their breast milk screened in the x-ray detector, because they were carrying a cupcake, because they were wearing a shirt with a satirical logo, because they had a purse with a gun emblem on it, the list goes on. When this happens, passengers have no recourse. Complaints to the TSA result in the TSA denying there was any wrong doing, and the offending officer goes unpunished. Passengers should have rights, and TSA agents should know that there are consequences for intimidation and bullying.”

Here are a few links she provides if you’re interested in giving the TSA a little taste of their own behavior.

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