Sex Is Just a Lack of Disgust

Well, not completely.  A Dutch study has recently examined how arousal can override feelings of disgust during sex, and even outside of sex.  The study found that women who are sexually aroused are more willing to do something they would normally flat out refuse to do.

The researchers split 90 female university student  into three groups.  One group watched ‘female friendly erotica’ (whatever that means), the next group watched a video of extreme sports to get them excited in a non-sexual way, and the final group watched a video of a train, boring and devoid of sex appeal.  What the researchers found was that the women who had watched porn were more willing and less disgusted by activities such as wiping their hands on a used tissue, eating a cookie next to a live worm, or lubricating a vibrator.

Disgust is an evolutionary developed emotion that protects us from danger and disease.  Arousal has the ability to completely override this feeling.

What does that mean for you and me?  It means that Mike Rowe from the show Dirty Jobs must have had a constant hard on.

Go figure.

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