Donated DNA: Kids May Have 3 Parents in the Near Future


British scientists are requesting that the public formulate an opinion regarding the creation of IVF babies with three genetic parents as it  is currently illegal to tamper with inherited genetic material in clinics.  Having three genetic parents  would prevent a wide array of diseases by using donated, healthy DNA.

This would be accomplished through the donation of healthy mitochondrial DNA, where the “baby would have a full compliment of nuclear DNA from its mother and father, plus a tiny amount of donated mitochondrial DNA.”  Mitochondria have their own set of DNA separate from the rest of our body that is only passed on by women. When mitochondrial DNA is defective, it leads to diseases such as “muscular dystrophy and conditions leading to the loss of hearing and vision, heart problems and intestinal disorders.”

In order for this form of DNA donation therapy to occur, society must accept the ethical, and overly hindering, religious implications.

Personally, if I was given the option of being viewed in a potentially negative way, or not having muscular dystrohpy, I would choose societal judgement every time.

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