Mystery of Death Solved: DMT is the Key


We now know what happens at death:

Resting comfortably in the recessed center of your brain, encased snugly within the corpus colossum, wrapped tightly between the dual-hemispheres of spongy nerve bundles, encased in the quarter-inch-thick armor-plating of skull, finally surrounded by your main and expressive organs with which you face the world, exists a tiny gland, long considered vestigial (serving little to no function), that holds the key to our interpretation of existence as we know it.  I’m speaking of the pineal gland. This minute spec, roughly the size of a grain of rice, is more heavily protected than even the heart with its literal cage of protection, because if something happens to your heart you die, but if something happens to your pineal, you can’t go to heaven.

Never heard of it?

This pineal gland has influences on both melatonin and pinoline, but our interest is in the gland’s role in the creation of dimethyltriptamine, or DMT. This chemical, DMT, may well be the reason we, as a species, are capable of sentience itself.

I’m not a chemist; break it down.

First, DMT is a narcotic, schedule 1. It’s scheduled as a highly illegal substance all over the planet, largely because DMT is one of the most potent psychedelics known to man. Intensely powerful. Yet, every day your pineal produces this stuff.

Secondly, DMT is the chemical that elicits dreams. That’s right. Each night as you drift to slumber-land, not only are you tripping on a psychedelic, but you’re also premeditatedly committing a federal offence; possession or consumption of DMT could land you a felony charge.

And third, this illegal gateway to dreamland is released in massive amounts at the moment of death. When I say massive, if a water glass of DMT evokes a dream, at death, an equivalent river excretes into your system. Any druggies reading this?

How have I not heard of this before?

Well, the pineal’s significance is neither a new idea, nor an unfounded one. Spanning the expanse of human civilization runs an undercurrent of worshipful adoration to the almighty pineal, more widely known as the inner eye, all-seeing eye, or the like – considered the body’s gateway to the soul.

Egypt had its Eye of Horus (now emblazoned on the US dollar bill). Hindu culture has its bottu (the familiar forehead dot). Even the ancient art of yoga recognizes the brow chakra, or ajna, as blossoming at the pineal, or third eye. That’s only to name a few.

The hell you say! The truth behind the cult of the pineal has gone largely unnoticed collectively, though the symbols themselves have been downright ubiquitous. Tibetan Buddhists, as well, have long carried a belief that the soul enters the fetus precisely 49 days after conception. Likely, reading this, you are not a Tibetan Buddhist – their numbers fall less than 20 million – and whether you subscribe to an eternal soul or not isn’t the point, because day 49 is the moment the pineal is formed in a fledgling brain.

Great, so what does all this have to do with death?

Well, on an experiential  level, shrooms distort perception, coke smacks you with raw energy, ecstasy grants superpower orgasms (ladies), and most notably, weed slows time – time distortion seems to go hand in hand with most psychedelics as well – so time passage then is totally subjective. Ask Einstein.

Meanwhile, among DMT smokers, out of the macrocosm of potential experiences, two major themes emerge nearly universally:

1) A stretching of time – they experience the hectic 6 or 7 minutes as a near eternity or lifetime. Imagine Cobb’s 50 year night in Inception.

2) They experience religious incarnations with a tilt toward whatever sect the subject is affiliated with.

Here’s the clincher: after death, while this massive psychedelic dose courses through the brain, there is this mysterious several minutes where the brain still functions. With our new perspective, however, we at last understand what these minutes are…

These few minutes after death, subjectively, are experienced as an eternity, engrossed in the DMT universe. Also, the trip itself is a highly personal experience dictated by the deepest realms of the subconscious.

Therefore, whatever at your deepest core you expect to happen when you die… Congratulations, that’s what’ll happen… Every religion was right.

Mystery solved. Peace on earth.

If you’re resourceful, you can find this stuff and try it. The bigger question now is: do you really want to know where you’ll be spending eternity?




Pineal Gland

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DMT the Spirit Molecule 

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Third Eye

Third Eye Images and Symbols Around the World

The Tibetan Book of the Dead

The Universe-Solved!

Theory of Relativity

Erowid: DMT Experience Reports

PopSci: The First Few Minutes After Death

Baseline of Health Foundation: Brain Functions Even After Death

94 thoughts on “Mystery of Death Solved: DMT is the Key

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  2. Crap from start to finish. There’s absolutely no proof that DMT is produced at death or even during sleep, it’s pure conjecture and you’re talking about it as if it’s fact. Also, anyone who has experienced DMT and also had a near-death experience will tell you that they are not even remotely similar experiences. You should write for the tabloids, you’ll do well.


    • Hey thoiter, thanks for your feedback. I recommend you read Rick Strassman’s book DMT: The Spirit Molecule. It documents from beginning to end the only government funded research on DMT ever done. Strassman, considered an expert in the mechanisms of DMT (though I admit information on DMT mechanics and actual creation in the pineal gland is sparse), is the one who makes the claim that a large amount of DMT is released at death. I have personally ingested DMT crystal, and in an ayahuasca brew, and though I have never physically died before, my experience, an the experience of many, many others (including people ingesting DMT as part of his study) was remarkably similar to the near death experiences people describe when they are declared dead by doctors. Check out DMT experience reports found at


      • The total lack of empirical data. There is just as much evidence that DMT has nothing to do with death as there is to suggest it does: none. My source? The author of the book that everyone claims “proves” DMT floods the brain at the moment of death says, in that same book, that said idea is just that: an idea.


      • Adam is exactly right.

        DMT is not produced by the pineal gland, because the mRNA sequence for indolethylamine N-methyltransferase (INMT) simply isn’t present in the pineal gland. INMT is an enzyme that is needed to synthesize DMT. Without any gene coding for the enzyme, the enzyme isn’t present. It is present in the lungs though, amo9ng other places.

        DMT has been found in trace amount in the human body (not in the brain), but at this point any declaration of where in the body it is produced or what purpose it serves is nothing more than conjecture.

        Strassman only hinted at the idea that DMT might be produced by the pineal gland. Technically it’s not even really a theory, more of an offhand comment about an idea.


      • Actually the pineal gland DOES produce DMT, yes Strassman’s words were all conjecture on that subject when it was written but in January 2013 on year ago researchers finally confirmed the production of DMT in the brains of rats. So finally, Strassman’s suspicion has been confirmed and he no longer has to hang his head low for taking a leap of faith. Time has served him well.
        But this article is still utter crap. Nothing but opinion masqueraded as fact. Tut tut


      • Firstly, I’ve heard nothing of this subject or the book mentioned in the above comments – This article is badly written for a start, and seems that the author has read through the Source List and linked them together to create a theory that the scientists probably already have, but don’t publish it for good reason – No evidence, experiments under-way etc… Leave it to the people doing the experiments to publish, stop trying to steal their thunder – which appears to be just a mere spark, anyway!

        On another point, there are far too many variables present to say that Smoking DMT SHOULD be the same as a Near Death Experience (NDE.)
        Smoking (Burning) DMT changes it into something else anyway, and includes a cocktail of chemicals.
        Who’s to say that it reaches the right part of the brain for it to have the same effect as a NDE…
        Your state of mind, at death, knowing your dying… This will invoke your subconscious to take a lot more control, attempt to work out a way of surviving (Life flashing before your eyes, sort of thing.) This changes your thought processes and brings out the REAL You… Your subconscious.
        Tripping in your front room, you are in control, you think what you want – your subconscious takes a back seat for most of it.

        It makes sense, and it’s very interesting, but seems it’s just another 9 added to the 99.9% recurring, of crap on the web – Just like this comment 🙂


      • Right… in rats. Rats are not humans. Although rats do have do have some similarities in their body chemistry and metabolic system (that’s why they are often used for testing purposes), they are still an entirely different species. The fact that DMT has been found in the pineal glands of rats is irrelevant to whether or not DMT is or even could be produced by the human pineal gland.


      • But theoretically, if rats were to have DMT in the pineal gland, SURELY humans would. I know it’s not fact but it’s logical that we would.

        Also, to your other comment – is there any chance that there are other chemicals that could synthesize into INMT and then DMT? If that makes sense? (far fetched, I’m not great with chemistry, just an idea.) 🙂


      • With no specific citations, just a bunch of material which the author feels backs up his claims. The idea of DMT having anything to do with death was first mentioned in DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Dr. Rick Strassman (which is listed in the sources). The interesting thing there is, Strassman himself admits that his idea is a mere hypothesis, and that there is no empirical data to suggest it is actually true. Yet countless people, present author included, have deemed this sufficient to make exactly the claim that Strassman himself does not.


    • It’s crap because you say so, because you’ve never had a near death experience [been medically dead] AND smoked DMT to compare the two. STFU.


    • I agree, fabrication upon lies, where’s the proof? Did he have a near death experience? Had a pot smokers utopia? I personally believe when we die, it’s over, no Heaven, no Hell, just consumed by worms and eternal earth, fossilized for future archaeologists to determine the same outcome! ,


      • Leedy, you undergraduate of “Nothing,” who gives one shit what you spew, go take a gun to your small head, and see for yourself, punk!


      • It is a pessimistic way of thinking, I have been around the world. (U.S. Army Vet.)i have seen people die, been around people of different cultures, you are sheltered, NOT I. The world has done a great job, deceiving the people that life after death seizes to exists. i apologize for saying that you suck. However, Suicide would be better suited for you, since nothing seems to exist afterwards. i have no quarrel with you. you posted an opinion and i responded with mine. who cares what I think? millions.


      • Universalism the way to go, right, every person on earth goes to Heaven? I don’t have to “Be” a marine or an army ranger, to know all the worthless killings our own Country has inflicted upon a millions of wasted lives it has taken, you have probably taken more lives than me, if you killed just one! When we got Crooked Ultra-Rich Billionaires running Political Puppets in Washington, we’re already a beaten society! I hardly think you have a million followers either? You drew first blood Leedy, be more respectable to people, and listen to others opinions before you judge someone! God Day to You, and thanks for serving our Country!


  3. So what happens if you are blown up suddenly, completely incinerated, and your pineal gland doesn’t have a chance to release anything. Do you not get to go to heaven?


    • Good question. It’s likely that with a death that sudden you wouldn’t know the difference anyway. >.< I've thought the same thing often though: How does the death experience differ for those without the DMT surge to the brain at death? I guess we might never know.


  4. In scientific literature, sources are called that because they contain the information presented, in an empirically validated manner. The “sources” for this article seem to be a list of reading that the author subjectively interpreted to reach this conclusion. I say subjectively because, as I noted in my replies to others on this thread, the author of the seminal work on DMT, Rick Strassman, says himself that there is no actual evidence towards this end and that his ideas are merely hypothetical, if fascinating. Articles like this are rampant, and not a single one has anything resembling a credible scientific citation. Why? Because no such studies have been done yet. Call me when they have. In the meantime, here is an article on a similar subject that ALSO says psychedelic drugs probably play a key role in the experience of death and near-death. Except this one actually makes sense:


    • It’s a sad shame that due to its schedule status, no other empirical data besides what little Strassman provided us with can currently be acquired. I very much hope that an an eventual step by step end to the war on drugs will reveal the mystery of DMT with more legitimate research. Thanks for your feedback Adam.


      • Pigs have pineal glands and some similar physiology. The schedule status wouldn’t prevent an experiment where the DMT output at death (preferably of old age) could be measured in them. A negative result for increased DMT production wouldn’t prove its absence in humans, but a positive result might support the point without legal problems.


  5. still doesn’t explain why people report such similar experiences, personal details notwithstanding after being revived after NDEs. I love it that you’re trying to put together a working theory, but you gotta plug the plot holes, dude.


  6. DMT is not a Narcotic, it is a Psychedelic. So much different.
    Marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1 drug, meaning it has no medicinal properties etc….


    • When used in a legal context in the U.S., a narcotic drug is simply one that is totally prohibited, or one that is used in violation of strict governmental regulation. DMT is a hallucinogen and a narcotic simultaneously.


  7. Yeah but what does DMT have to do with where you will spend you eternity? How do you know what is being produced isn’t a false illusion?


  8. Well Ive never heard people who’ve done DMT say it lasted an eternity. I did read some who did salvia lived another lifetime which is long enough but even that wasnt forever. Me thinks some guessing and speculating is being played here.


    • A sense of eternity or at the very least time dilation is definitely experienced if you break through while smoking it, and is felt even when drinking ayahuasca. Source: dmt: the spirit molecule, erowid experience reports, friends, and myself (I’ve done dmt many times in various forms).


    • Salvia is the dried ejaculation of DMT. While I agree Salvia takes you on a journey you can never prepare for, it isn’t even in the same universe as DMT. If you haven’t done both i wouldn’t expect you to understand.


      • Ive read enough to know theres a difference but obviously if one hasnt had the chance to try both its hard to compare. I do know salvia hallucinations are claimed to the strongest and I have tried salvia many times until they made it as illegal as heroin but it doesnt last long. DMT is said to last a lot longer making it possible to have conversations and experiences that are more “developed”…

        But its as illegal as salvia so unless I win the lottery to fly to Brazil I dont think many will get the chancre to try it out.


      • It is alive and well in the U.S. my friend, just like very other drug you can think of. If you have any hippie friends ask them if they can get you some deamsters. Also, do a google search, if you really want to try it, there are ways of extracting it yourself, they are long and tedious but will work. Most of what you buy in the US was made in this manner anyways. If you like hallucinogens it is a must try, nothing like it. I took a spirit walk that lasted 4 days and it was mild compared to the first time I smoked DMT.


      • 4 days?? Wow thats a bit longer than the trips Ive read on such as Graham Hancock. I dont know a sitter who would stay that long. I mean what about dying of dehydration lol? Do you mean 4 days of trip time or real time?


      • lol peyote isn’t like DMT. You can still remember to do all of those things. A spirit walk is a solo journey with no sitter. It’s about you and yourself and nature. Don’t believe everything you read my man, everybody reacts differently to most drugs. Personally I thought while Peyote was alot of fun and it is natural, it wasn’t as good as LSD or pharmallucogens like the 2c’s. I know people who swear by microdots but I’d rather have Lucy. Alot of people like fun guys over lucy but I still prefer lucy. And no, I didn’t trip for four days straight but it was more like 2 days straight. It wasn’t unpleasant but by the time it was over I was ready for it to be. The best part about tripping in the desert is the night sky, the air is clear and there is no haze from humidity, no city to be seen. It is no joke when they say you see the ‘stars dance.’ I would recommend a Spirit Walk to anyone who is an advanced user of psychedelics, not because of the intensity but because of the duration.


    • but it didn’t REALLY last an eternity, because they eventually came out of it to live in this ‘present’. so it doesn’t really. it just seems like.. a lot longer?


  9. i am afraid there must be a misunderstanding here.
    That dmt is responsible of near death experiences (NDE) is a legitimate hypothesis. Now, in science, hypothesis don’t suffice (feel free to google “hypothesis non fingo”). Once an hypothesis has been made, we enter the experimental phase. Protocols for experiments are rigid:

    We need an ample sample of patients that underwent an nde. Since the hypothesis says that dmt would be released at an unusual peak, it could be detectable.
    Now we have a problem: we can get blood samples, indeed we should. Within the minutes of the cardiac arrest, we could get blood samples to verify whether by chance this release of a dmt peak happens before the cardiac arrest (and later ask the patient if s/he had an nde, to be sure of the correlation, and to verify whether it is univocal because if dmt is released in all patients in cardiac arrest inclusive of those who report no nde, the correlation would be even disproved go figure!)

    In that case, if dmt is released in the instant before cardiac arrest, it can be found in the bloodstream, at unusual peaks. But to date we haven’t even one of such blood sample, and we’d need several thousands not two or three or ten if we wish to achieve statistical significance.

    But since in cardiac arrest the blood is no longer circulating, dmt should disperse by osmosis if it’s released soon after the cardiac arrest. Unlikely it’s in the bloodstream then, but still worth a try. However, we still haven’t any such blood samples.

    Or we could perform autopsies to assess whether in the proximal area around the pineal gland we do find very high and unusual amounts of dmt and conclude, at least, that upon death it is released indeed at high peaks. We could then speculate whether the percentage approximates that of those who report an nde. But to date we haven’t even one single study that verifies this point.

    In all cases, it should be verified that also other molecules are not interfering (that is, the independent variable dmt should be subject to no interference, and we need to find a way to be sure of this).

    Once all of this is made, if a correlation is found, we can begin asking questions (for instance, why evolution has selected this trait namely to what purpose, how it relates to Obes namely to the fact patients report, before having an nde, to see the whole scene and to see the resuscitation attempts from a point of view where their esyes are not and those attempts are normnally confirmed in their details by the paramedics once the account is supplied. Also, we can wonder whether there can be any other molecule that could be responsible of this).

    So, the bottom line of this whole story is that the misytery not only is not solved, but that we have not even begun supplying scientific evidence for the dmt hypothesis. Which as such remains such. Before we call a scientific idea a fact, there is a long path to go. And here not even one step has been done yet.


    • Once the scheduling status of dmt is altered, I hope we do exactly as you have described. Until then, legitimate research is hampered by irrational reasoning. C’mon humanity, time to wake up.


  10. You are exactly right. Nice work. Especially about the time element of drugs. However, the idea that we create the reality we chose when we die, is something I don’t agree with. Other than that concept, the rest is right on. And the funny thing is, I know your an enlightened guy, and I know, you know, that concept is a little iffy, but you needed to tie the story all together. And that’s ok. Nice work.


  11. Sorry, but this is a ludicrous (not to mention non-factual) statement:

    “DMT is a narcotic, schedule 1. It’s one of the most highly illegal substances on the planet (on par with plutonium)…”

    First, DMT isn’t a narcotic – as the author goes on to say, it’s a hallucinogen. So we are beginning with non-facts stated as fact. Bad start.

    If I wrote an article on bananas, and started with ‘bananas are a type of meat,’ would you read any further?

    Further, ‘on par with plutonium’?? Seriously? Clearly, little serious research went into writing this, and only a little more thought.

    This piece is pure whimsy, presented as fact. Entertaining, but not to be taken seriously.


    • I agree. The 1st “colossal” mistake was to misspell Corpus “Callosum” (meaning :hard body; hence the word: “callous”) not “Colossum”, in the very 1st sentence structure. It went downhill from there & I remained dubious through the entirety of this article, for reasons that you allude to &/or state outright.


    • Again, the term narcotic varies contextually. From a legal perspective, a narcotic is any substance that alters mood or behavior and is used illegally. Medicinally the definition of a narcotic involves a substance’s ability to put you to sleep, but legally it means any illegal drug.


  12. This is shoddy in general.

    1. comparing the iillegality of DMT as equivalent to that of plutonium by referencing their status as “schedule 1” substances is misleading. “Schedules” relate to medical use and medical harm. However, plutonium is covered by a many additional regulations outside of this realm. Walk into time square with some plutonium vs. walk into time square with some DMT? Not the same.

    2. Saying that the passage of time is “subjective”, and employing Einstein is gross misrepresentation of relativity and suggests the author doesn’t know a lick about relativity. Using science as metaphor is not the same is using science as evidence. Einstein would certainly tell you that – for example – traveling at different speeds relative to each other would distort ones perpsective time passage. Einstein would not – however – suggest that your brain does this. Einstein is talking about the _actual_ passage of time. Not the subjective experience of it.

    I could go on!


  13. Mr. Davis, with all due respect- can we try a little harder, sir? I like where you’re going here, but jeez.. a little more effort and research could have made this article something special. Thank you though- I do like the ideas here.


  14. Always fascinating when one finds a reference to DMT in the mediated flow…. As someone who has rather extensive experience with this marvelous molecule, first experience being at the invitation of Terence McKenna for a desert initiation, which to this day forms a foundation for my personal mythological matrix ; continuing on then with both contemporary and traditional use of the entheogenic plant spirit medicines, mushrooms and ayahuasca, I remain humbled and unwilling to draw any truisms other than to say that the vistas opened to me and corporeal realities from felt sense widened my spiritual life profoundly, leading to an on-going love affair with death that ended due to irreconcilable differences (we still love each other none-the-less) The author seems playful with facts and harlequin-esque with conclusions…for few tread wisely into the body’s mysteries, leaving instead their own footprints easily tracked by the indigenous denizens within. Those of us who have chosen to follow fewer rules and recognized at an early date that much if not all we were being told by the dominant paradigm parade was to be avoided like the plague have very different stories to tell. We would be well to receive them all, because as a Native teacher explained, we need every story…every dream… if we are going to begin to see the new horizons just now beginning to emerge into our precocious view. It is clear we need a New Story..and even clearer why the old one is done… We have just begun to re-imagine and re-myth ourselves…and we would be wise to listen carefully and learn the art of finding our own silence. I commend the author most for his biographical frame that follows his article…dedicated to all miscreants discovering as we are their vital place in this dance. High! Friend…so very glad to meet you..


  15. ibogaine was far more like what i experienced the one time i died over a decade ago and DMT nothing like it as ive had the privilege to work with both on multiple occasions


    • I hate to point out… you didn’t die ten years ago. You had an experience and people around you said you were dead, technically in their opinion you’re body was dead. Great experience I’m sure but I have a sneaking suspicion that near-death and death experience are as different as near-death and living experiences are. Where ibogaine may remind you of near-death for all we know DMT is closer to where you go when near-death flows into real-death instead of back to the “living” side of things. I think my point is that we ought not to form conclusions about any of this based on what we personally perceive. Keep the discussion lively and your experiences will continue to grow in depth and color. Cheers to all =)


  16. A lot of comments are giving the author a hard time for the tone of his statements. Yeah, there are not a lot of good experiments or collected data that will ever get published in a peer review scientific article out there on this subject. The author is making claims that are not backed up by published data or studies. However, need I point out that many people who are familiar with DMT and the mysterious nature of our consciousness do believe in something very similar to what the author is saying. That may not hold the same weight as precious “tangible” scientific data, to you, or many like you, but to many like me we simply don’t give a d4mn. You won’t be carrying any of your scientific data around once your body is dead. Good luck to you if you are to thick to experience the spirit on this side of the grave. Cheers to all =)


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  20. An interesting model. Blends faith and reason smoothly. Harmonizes biology and religion. Even if DMT isn’t the key, it is at least welcoming to think of early post mortem brain changes creating subjective eternity which could be religious or atheistic depending on what’s in your deepest core. Critical comments relating to callosal spellings, a plutonium analogy, the use of the term narcotic or even the need for the author to consume DMT don’t address anything. Thanks Jesse Davis or whoever the author really is.


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  22. I’ve spent a lot of years exploring the paranormal. I realize that a great many of you will “Tut Tut” me on that subject, but I tried to do it as scientifically as possible because i wanted to know what came after death. After ten years, I’d seen enough to make me suspect that something out of the actual body occurs, but I had NO imperical evidence to prove it. Frustrating…very frustrating. Still, comparing what I experienced during that time vs this article, I find that I cannot support the article at all. Much more happens that just a chemical reaction in the body. I’ve seen way to much to believe it’s all a brain function.


  23. I am a bit scared. When your body rots or you turn into ash because of cremating, will there really be an “nothingness” that seems very boring, or will you still be in Heaven, or any other place after death?


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  27. there is a saying in Islam wich say God say, ” I am what ever my servent think of me, so let him think of me what ever he likes”, so what ever you think God is would happent to you during your life and dead but after resuraction is some thing else , what would happen then is what really God is not what you think he is, the problem now is about those who do not want to accept God or belive on him at all, where they will spent eternity? may be at nothingness and only in the void


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  29. If dreams are merely illusions, how can you say for sure that Reality isn’t an illusion in fact there’s no way to determine it isn’t.


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