Lumpy Tablets are the New Rage


Tablet computers are incredible pieces of technology, but what is the next innovation to make our lives that much easier and more exciting?  How about a keyboard that can appear whenever you need it, then disappear when you are finished? Done; welcome to the world of 21st century technology.

A California based company called Tactus has developed a new technology for tablets that allows the touchscreen to create a keyboard out of thin air, or more specifically, out of microfluidics. When you need a keyboard to make typing easier, a single tap in the right area of the tablet will cause a section of the touchscreen to form into bumpy buttons, creating a tactile keyboard on command.  When you are done typing, another well placed tap makes the buttons vanish back into the screen without a trace.

This innovation can be applied to any type of touchscreen technology to create a morphing, tactile interface.  No more stabbing at the screen with your sausage fingers. The singularity is near, and it is making it oh so much easier to just accept being fat and let our technology take care of the rest.



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