NOT Another 9-11 Article (rolls eyes*)


You know him. Maybe you are him. The casual acquaintance, not quite friend, he saunters forward, dilated pupils scanning over each of his shoulders, iPad casually out and ready, a knowing smile forming a crest of righteously pompous paranoia across his stubbled jaw, beads of youthfully enthusiastic perspiration clinging to his hipster handlebar mustache, and, beaming with false solidarity, he presses play:



Half-way through the clip, he starts digging through his leather “Tool” wallet and pulls out five pre-creased bills to further baffle you with (below).

Ok, great, I’ve seen this stuff before. So was 9-11 an inside job? Maybe just allowed to happen for private agendas? It’s old played-out news, and, most likely, your mind was made up long ago. The more important question no one seems to be asking is, “why should we give a shit?”

Woah woah woah!! You can’t mean that?

I do. Absolutely. And if I do my job here, hopefully you’ll be shrugging with indifference as well by the end of this article, and the world can be a happier place with just a few more rainbows and baby unicorn farts. Come follow me on this fanciful rollercoaster ride, enjoy all the benefits of “disregarding bad news.”

Where we stand

Today, 36%  of Americans either are certain or pretty sure that 9-11 was an inside job. So, this is not some fringe group of loonies, but a rather hefty chunk of “we the people,” not to mention the masses on the fence open-minded to the idea. The countless YouTube links circulating Facebook are everywhere so the question has been posed to just about everyone by now. If we can all unite for a moment and assume the very worst, “9-11 was our government killing its own people,” that’s exactly why we need to knock this right the hell off. Terrorism is bad, but thinking about terrorism is far worse…

Check it out

We’ve seen the documentaries, and the documentaries refuting the documentaries, and even the refutations of the refutations blah blah blah.

There is a natural rhythm to peering down the rabbit hole. First is the rush of finding something sensational; it triggers this carnal craving to be “in the know”. Then, once the initial high of learning something edgy wears off, the specific details slowly fade away from our memories and we’re left with only a few linchpin ideas. These are the singular points that, at least to us, are utterly irrefutable. The linchpin is a beautiful mental process that allows us to unburden and feel righteous in our opinion, free wonder about other things.

On the official story believer’s side of the case is the old, “how could that many people possibly keep something this big a secret?” Then, to the conspiracy theorists, all they need are 2 words, “building 7,” and the argument is over. In either case, it’s like an atheist preaching to a born-again; it always ends in a, “well I just have faith,” and a perforated stress-ulcer coupled with bloody stool.

I mean something far greater than apathy when I say this: once you quit giving a shit, it’ll all be roses. I promise.

The motives

Whoever the group responsible, there is a wide array of believed motives. Conspirators say Iraq war, oil, create enemy, repeal rights, globalization, fear agenda. Meanwhile, official storyers say… umm… “They hate freedom” or something, U.S.’s Saudi Arabia presence, sanctions on Iraq. Whoever the culprits, whatever the aim, each of these explanations shares a common bond; they all hide under the same umbrella: “propaganda.” There is some message that attack was designed to send. There was a message, and that is part of why we need to stop caring…

See, the mind of the conspiracy theorist is an interesting place. They tend to be the more curious amongst us, believing themselves more open to the truth than others. Whether their world view is ever validated or not, there have always been a segment of the people who don’t buy the “official line.” Be it JFK, the moon landing, Lincoln, freemason founding fathers, or “God” is a mistranslation for “Aliens,” alternative explanations of history abound.

What that means is, if a small powerful group of the world’s elite was responsible for 9-11, they knew full-well that some would shout “bullshit.” It’s a matter of human nature. So don’t you think, just maybe, if they knew how you’d react, that might have been part of the plan?…

I hope you can bear with me here. Remember, we’re still assuming the “truthers” are right.

Since the 60’s, the idea of “the man” has been all but ubiquitous, but in the last decade especially, an overwhelming shift in perspective has occurred to where it’s now just assumed common knowledge that “your government is out to get you,” like some unspoken rule. FEMA camps, chemtrails, illuminati symbols, clips of cops beating rioters all flood through our bandwidth. Ideas that would have gotten one ostracized a decade ago are now commonplace. politicians are corrupt, the news is filled with lies, food is poison and breathing causes cancer, so cynicism seems to be justified, but let me ask you this: How bad was 9-11 really?

Even the “they” out to get you isn’t out to get you.

3000 people died that day. That’s terrible, but not really (how dare you?). Nearly 3000 people have died since you started reading this article.

But those weren’t Americans so it’s not as important? Or, those were largely natural causes (circle of life)?

The callous truth is, in spite of all the hype, the numbers are a speck of rubble amidst the heap of steel and concrete that is human mortality. Being blown up by a terrorist is terrifying (hence the name), but not only are you more likely to die slipping in the shower than you are to die in a terrorist attack, you are 4,167 times more likely (where’s the war on hygiene?).

From this angle, the attack itself was not a big deal. I’m sorry to all the victims and their families, but for God’s sake, I’m just as sorry to the 3000 people who are killed each year by hippos. Perhaps this is too large of heartless a leap to take, but our own cops do more damage than that.


It’s no longer just a game!!!

“Mission accomplished”

Here’s what I’m suggesting: the result has been accomplished. Even If our own government were the orchestrators of 9-11 (again, maybe so, maybe not), it absolutely doesn’t matter.

The numbers are so small they are inconsequential. If the government attacks its own people, you should worry about it if you also expect to be struck by lightning while holding a winning lottery ticket; it could happen, but it won’t.

The dwindling baby-boomers who still trust FOX-news may fear terrorist, but the internet doesn’t. The internet, though, is afraid. We are afraid of something far worse…

If these elusive shadow men really run the show, the larger game was not anything tangible, but the propaganda campaign that followed, where we now collectively fear our government. That was the aim. The result has been this massive uneasiness on the collective mind of the people that the one’s they were supposed to rely on were out to get them, and that is far scarier.

Pissed off guys in caves with access to box cutters is not a threat to a heavily armed nation. But a group who controls the riot police, watches all the satellites, monitors your browsing history, and owns the judicial system is trying to kill you… that’s scary.

Guess what, my friends; they aren’t. 3000 people. Whoever it was killed just enough to make it seem plausible that they are killing us. They aren’t. They just aren’t. Do serial killers exist? Of course. Will you be skinned and made into a lampshade at some point this week? Absolutely not!!!

Now I can already hear the backlash. “He must be working for the man. They got to Qwizx, too.” Or, “What about the FEMA camps, flying drones, and U.S. citizens put on no-fly lists or labeled terrorists without trial?”

Yep. Those are things alright. So what? The only thing that’s changed is now we know about it. Far worse things have happened and will continue to, because that is part of the human condition. Say thank you to the internet for being a check on the villains of the world’s nefarious bullshit. You are just as safe you were before you did a Google search for codex alimentarius, but now you are aware.

Wherever you stand, if we could go ahead and give every last benefit of the doubt, and assume the most extreme explanation is the right one: some race of hyper-intelligent aliens is controlling humanity through the media and orchestrated 9-11 as a false flag operation to scare the population into an Orwellian state so they can harvest our soul energy to create a negative-polarity Hell universe (heavy heavy stuff)… still… they killed only 3000.

They want you scared; there’s nothing to be scared of. When you “expose the truth” you’re really the one spreading the fear. The very powers you’re trying to expose, you are doing their job for them.

We have the power to make this world a better place, and it only takes one simple step: Just shut the hell up already, and play some ultimate Frisbee. Things are good.


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4 thoughts on “NOT Another 9-11 Article (rolls eyes*)

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  3. I think this article is disgusting and you have such a short vision of things that it looks like you just don’t know what’s happening in the world since that attack happens. And I’ll try to explain why.

    But before, I must say that I think that I understand what you are trying to explain. On the other hand, wow, that is so horribly expressed that any family whose member died in those attacks would surely want you to have been in those buildings instead of their loving ones.

    So first, let me talk about the facts you discussed.

    Comparing number of dead people.

    Do you really think, that it’s smart? Really? “only 3000 dead”, there has been worst. Please, go to all the families and tell them the same you wrote here, looking at them in their eyes. I bet you wouldn’t dare. Nobody with a bit of empathy would. You just reminded me this (misattributed?) sentence of Stalin “The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic.” It’s quantifying the value of life that, under certain circumstances, becomes almost nothing. There is a big difference in asking people to not live their life surrounded by negative thoughts (that may or may not be justified) and, telling them it was not a big deal and they can just forget about it.

    Second thing: saying to people to stop thinking or asking questions. Super smart again right? Because, obviously, the smartest thing to do is to do and believe what you are told. No curiosity, no critics? Because, for you, someone is smart if he lives without giving a shit when the pain is gone. Inside job? conspiracy or not? does that matter, it’s the past now…

    Well since you completely fail to see what were the consequences of this attack I’ll try to explain why it matters.

    Fear of the government you said? Let me ask you again this question: or you looking at the world since that happened?

    When 911 happened, the US government did not want you to fear him as you imply, this is the moment when they declared war on terrorism.

    “The war on terrorism” or the “war on terrror” which is actually the “GLOBAL war on terror”. This was the perfect reason to convince US citizens that America needed to be protected. And for that, the only way was, as USA have always done, go to war. But a real war. Not a figure of speach like “war on terrorism”. Since that moment, USA have been involved in more and more wars where terrorists were, or where US said there were (and that’s important to mention) and thanks to what? well because most americans are just convinced that it is the correct thing to do. Soldiers would give their life happily to save their country, and their families so proud of their children going to fight the “axis of evil”. Since that day, the US government could go to a foreign country and attack it directly or indirectly with the almost full support of US citizens.

    Since that day, various countries have been destroyed. Millions of people have died: innocent people, real terrorists, American soldiers and allies soldiers and many many more millions live but they have lost everything in the name of the war against terrorism. But one must be really blind to not see it is a pretext they need to attack where there is something they want. All wars are for money and no war is humanitarian.

    Oh sure, only 3000 died. That was not a big deal forget about this, more than 10 years ago, live an happy life… Damn man, please stop watching american movies. (I do like a lot of American movies though) It’s not only about America. The people who are dying and suffering because of that war on terrorism since 911 are not American. It sure is easy to forget about it then, isn’t it?

    So here is this personal vision of mine: USA are at this time contracting one of the biggest humanitarian debts of the history and they are using your money for it, you consent to it and you are with this article helping the US government to continue their crimes by asking people to live happily without caring about what the US acts in the rest of the world.

    I could go on forever like this, for example about the almost complete loss of privacy since then, so I’ll go back to the problem of this article.

    Why should we NOT forget and still asking questions?

    Here is why: we learn from history. When we forget, we do the same mistakes again. In that particular case, if tomorrow, it were proven that US government was the own author of these attacks, it would show to everybody, how far they are willing to go to control and manipulate people. On the other hand, even if it’s not them and just a “conspiracy theory”, but as I tried to explain here, everybody could see it was the pretext to attack any country they wanted then, maybe, soldiers would start thinking, which is exactly what they don’t want them to be able to do. When thousands of US soldiers would be asked to go to war because they tell them there are some terrorists are dictator somewhere, maybe they would say no. Can you imagine that?

    Maybe US citizens and allies would say no to war and demand to spend their money on peace instead of death.

    Don’t forget.

    PS: I don’t mean to be rude writing that, which in some points feels like a personal attack but it’s really about the content. It really chocked me as I consider your writing completely irresponsible and if your are American, I really wonder what kind of information you get over there.


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