Smoking Pot Without Getting High: But Why?

If you haven’t heard yet, Cannabis Cures Cancer, and there is a ridiculous amount of evidence supporting that claim. Reference the related article and hyper-linked title. Now that that is out of the way, lets continue!

Pot is feared by many as a drug and as the ultimate devil on earth, but is that fear really researched or backed? I am not here to argue against that, because that is not the point to this article, the real point is a new development in the world of drugs. An Israeli company has created a new strain of marijuana that is void of any THC. That’s absolutely positively correct. A marijuana plant that produces no high but still offers its medicinal value. Who could argue against that?

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A new strain of Avidekel, is it still pot? Just because it is being called something else doesn’t mean it is not still marijuana. Just a distant cousin. Pot that isn’t really pot but rather is just another plant?  What’s the point you ask?

Let us say that perhaps it is a miracle drug, and mayhaps it does help cure cancer, well in that respect that is exactly what you would want to be prescribed to you by a doctor, and without it causing a high there really is no basis for it to remain illegal. In come pharmaceutical companies… Anyway. Currently there are around 9,000 people in Israel that use medicinal marijuana as Reuters reports and 18 states in the US with legal medicinal marijuana use, as well as Washington DC. Whether or not it does cure cancer, the idea of a feared drug without its “immobilizing” effects being circulated into our market would have interesting results I think.

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Just think, something that is supposedly non-addictive and not bad for you at all; almost like a healthy protein shake. Unfortunately for now, the plant stays secretly operational and maximally enforced by security as it does have a draw for criminals, reports Reuters, but who knows what a little more research and a lot more results can yield. A future hope to a legalized medical marijuana everywhere and the cures it will bring! And for everyone else, a bummer that we can’t mellow out and just enjoy the music.


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