3D Printing for All: New, Cheap 3D Printers

3D printing has been a revolutionary new invention in recent years but it is unfortunately too expensive for the masses. I mean, we can all use one from a company but to own one? A 3D printer for the masses? Hundreds to thousands of dollars are needed. Not to mention all the repair costs and expensive supplies you need to account for.

Finally a commercialized version has surfaced and at a consumer friendly price of $100! What started as a kickstarter project with a goal of $50,000… turned into a $651, 091 donation success by the name of The Peachy Printer. Just a heads up, this 3D printer is the most creative thing I have read about in a long time and I am very happy to share it on Wondergressive.

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$100 for a printer that prints out 3D objects is ridiculously cheap as compared to other 3D printers. How is it possible you say? The creators described the 3D printer as simply a product with a laser, mirrors, and electromagnets made from household items. Household items and of course a laptop or computer where encoding for the printing will take place. Pretty amazing to think that something so complicated came from everyday items working together.

What is  even more mind-boggling is that all of this is done through your computer’s sound jack! The 3D printing of the desired object is done by converting the 3D model into a sound file which then moves the 3D printer’s mirrors (amount of movement is determined by the volume of the sound file) which control the 3D printer’s laser. The laser then cures light sensitive resin into your desired object. Again, all of this is done with household items and without any motors or microchips. Brilliant!

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So how did this idea come to play? The creator Rylan Grayston, in an interview with CBC, said:

I didn’t have enough money for a 3D printer that I wanted, so I just started thinking about how can I do this myself?

Boy did he figure it out in a big way. Not only that but Grayston did all this without a degree in engineering or computer science! I am sure he had a lot of exposure to all the software he worked with but it is definitely quite a feat to pull off what he did. A 3D printing method that defies current expensive methods and uses no expensive processors or technology. Definitely brilliant.

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Now I know what you’re thinking, you want to get in on this deal for a 3D printer. The project did pass its kickstarter initiative but it hasn’t come to the public just yet. Although the website is not taking orders for the 3D printer, there is a mailing list you can join to be one of the first to know when the 3D printer is available for purchase.

So how cool is that? Here is a guy who has no schooling in creating working machines or converting sound to movements and he was able to pull off something extraordinarily unique but also very complex and intuitive. He is a true inventor and genius of sorts in my book. And now, the moment you have been waiting for, a preview and more thorough explanation of the Peachy Printer.

That’s peachy… Cheers!



Kickstarter – The Peachy Printer

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CBC Interview


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Wondergressive: Scientists Develop 3D Printer Capable of Printing Working Cartilage

Wondergressive: 3D Printing: The Next Revolution in Creativity

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