Creativity Slump? Exercise To Inspiration

Are you hurting from writers block? Maybe there is something you wish to start creatively and you cannot figure out where to begin? Or maybe you are a professional artist who has hit a low and cannot find the right inspiration to foster your creativity?

Researchers at Universiteit Leiden say you should exercise to get those creative juices flowing. In a series of tests and study reviews, researchers at Universiteit Leiden have found a positive link between exercising and stimulating creativity in the mind. That is, they have found that if one exercises, one can benefit from a more active and creative mind.

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This bit of news pairs well with other ideas about exercise and the potential benefits to creativity and the psyche overall that they yield. In fact, it was found that children that exercise before school often improve their concentration during school. Not only do they improve their concentration, but they also potentially boost their grades! There is a possible road block to this theory however. Dr. Lorenza Colzato, from Universiteit Leiden, says:

We believe that active bodies think more deeply, but only if they are used to exercise.

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The idea is that if you are normally an active person then exercising will help boost your creativity and potentially help with such tragedies as writer’s block. However, if you are not an active person and you take up exercising to help with your creativity then you will most likely just tire out your body and reduce the likelihood of boosting your creativity.

This means that with regards to creativity, in most cases of inactive people it is to their benefit to be consistently inactive rather than exert themselves for inspiration once in a while. However, if one can maintain an active and healthy schedule, then one can reap the benefits of their creatively boosted mind and their healthy and strong body. So, if you are an out of shape artist planning to start a daily exercise regime make sure you stick to it, or else your precious creativity may just dry up rather than flow out like a broken dam.

Then again, being successfully creative is in the eye of the beholder, so for some this may be just a complete waste of time.

Either way, cheers to exercise!



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