Phoenix(PHX) Blockchain: The Future Cryptocurrency is Hoping For

One of the most interesting coins I’ve come across in a while Phoenix Coin (PHX). I had the opportunity to speak with some of the developers, and they impressed me with their vision and honesty about their project. Let’s take a look at what makes the coin a much needed game changer in the world of crypto.

Launched in November 2021, the Phoenix blockchain features its own exchange and NFT marketplace. The UX is simple yet elegant. The developers and collaborator of over 50 individuals are working hard to make this project a one-stop shop for all crypto needs.

For those with some knowledge of the industry, Phoenix runs on the proof of work protocol (PoW) and is an EVM based blockchain. Their semi-open network keeps the same from the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the PoW protocol. The main token, PHX, is supported on the Metamask wallet. You can download the wallet browser extension directly from the website at The information needed to add this token is available on their website at Please double check that the website is correct before downloading anything.

Phoenix has it’s own DEX called FireSwap. On this exchange you can swap, stake, and trade currencies. The beauty of FireSwap is that it allows users to avoid the transactions fees of other blockchains while also letting users pair tokens with existing tokens and the PHX token. There is nothing UniSwap and PancakeSwap do that FireSwap doesn’t cover as well!

The name of the Phoenix NFT marketplace is FireSea. Minting directly from FireSea is cheap and easy, and artists can do it directly using FireSea. Minting fees are one of the biggest hurddles artists face, so the developers of Phoenix wanted to make sure these fees are as low as possible so that any artist can become involved. Furthermore, Phoenix has even launched its own merchandise platform called FireSwag that runs in parallel to FireSea and allows artists to manage their own storefront. This provides artists the ability to directly create merchandise for their audiences. T-shirts, stickers, mugs, you name it!

Want to enjoy swag from your favorite artists? FireSwag has you covered! This is an incredible way to provide artists a way of gaining even more money. While NFTs are fun, the developers of phoenix want to give artists the ability to take their NFTs and other pieces of art to the next level!

This NFT game is based entirely in the Telegram App. When you join the Duck Hunt room on Telegram, you can shoot at the ducks that appear. Each duck you shoot rewards you with in-game currency, experience, and a small amount of Phoenix. Duck Hunt is an NFT game based solely inside the Telegram app. As telegram users join the Duck Hunt room, they can “shoot” at ducks. Once shot, a duck rewards in-game currency, experience, and a small amount of PHOENIX. Rare ducks will reward an NFT of the duck shot.

BattleDucks is another NFT game based inside the telegram app. Users choose a duck and face off in a battle against other users. You can upgrade and augment your duck with NFT weapons, NFT shields, and NFT spells. The winner of the battle will gain experience, in-game currency, and, once again, a small amount of Phoenix. The ducks users choose from are actually NFTs that are gained from remaining active in the CPHX and GRT telegram groups. The best part is that the NFTs of a user’s ducks, weapons, spells, and shields will all be tradable on the Phoenix blockchain.

The Phoenix blockchain includes two governing tokens, Crypto Phoenix (CPHX) and the Golden Ratio token (GRT). Having either token allows users to vote on what happens within the Phoenix ecosystem, putting parts of Phoenix’ future into the hands of every user. On top of voting rights, owners of either of these tokens will be eligible for airdrops of the native Phoenix token (PHX).

Another thing to mention is Phoenixplorer, which keeps track of the current PHX mining statistics, token transfers, NFT contracts, and all other transactions within the Phoenix blockchain. You can reach it at

With so many features, benefits, freedom, and power in the hands of users, it’s no wonder Phoenix is becoming increasingly more popular. This coin is being run by developers with a vision true to the original intent of crypto. This isn’t just some pump and dump shitcoin. This is a project that has a vision spanning far into the future, and that vision is already manifesting into reality. They’ve covered everything from NFT minting to governance and trading options. The future of Phoenix is a bright one.

None of this meant to be financial advise. As with all investments, it’s important to do your own research. For more information about the Phoenix blockchain you can visit the main site at, or go directly to the linktree at

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