5 thoughts on “Natural, Living Pesticides

    • From what I’ve read and watched there are a copious amount of options gardeners/landscapers can use ranging from, as you said, lady bugs, other flying and non-flying insects, companion planting, as well as various substances that are safe for the soil and plants. The best thing to do is get creative and have fun experimenting. I used to have a problem with cut worms in my garden. I found that the most effective method wasn’t killing them, but instead shielding the base of the plant. My family and I save yogurt containers and other small cylindrical containers, cut out the bottom, and place them sticking half way out of the soil around the seeds when they are sown. This way the cutworms are unable to reach the stem of the plant and eventually move out of the garden all together.

      Here’s a pretty cool site: http://eartheasy.com/grow_nat_pest_cntrl.htm


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