North Korea Propaganda About the Western World is Sadly Accurate


North Korea has recently released a film illustrating what it sees as Western propaganda; revealing the consumeristic and capitalistic world of the West.  The poignancy of the video sent shivers down my spine. In an endless attempt to better ourselves and our world, we may as well learn from any and all sources.

The video is hauntingly accurate.  It is weird to think that a video produced in such an underdeveloped, struggling, downright crazy country can present so much truth about the life of the West in one package. Take a look in the mirror.  You have been born and raised in this society:

That being said, I am by no means claiming that North Korea is a great country.  It is a country founded on the deception of its citizens and a refusal to cooperate with the world at large (sound familiar?).  The North Korean government starves its citizens of healthy food and jobs on a massive scale in favor of an expensive, standing military (sound familiar?). Don’t get me wrong, despite working in South Korea right now, I don’t want to be anywhere near North Korea as it now stands.

Instead of talking about how much better we are than other cultures in the world, why don’t we compare ourselves to… our selves.  I’m talking about growth and evolution (on an individual, communal, national, and global scale) for the sake of being the best we can be, not just one-uping someone else!



North Korea Propaganda Video

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