Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Are the World’s Biggest Liars: Fact


Mitt Romney has lied 533 times in the past 30 weeks.  That’s not an estimation; Steve Bennen has meticulously documented each one.  All of Benen’s documentations are verified and sourced.  Romney is a proven pathological liar.

Well okay, Romney is two faced, but so what, we all know presidents are nothing without their VP and cabinet.  I’m sure his running mate has some honesty tucked away in his bulging money clip right?


It appears Paul Ryan is attempting to set the record for the most blatant lies a national figure has ever uttered.

Truth be told, I’m not a fan of republicans, or democrats.  Both parties consistently use smoke and mirror tactics and lie through their teeth to advance their agenda.  It boggles my mind that these men and anyone who remotely resembles them are allowed anywhere near a decision making role.

Seriously, what scuzzy fraternity do so many of our politicians crawl out of and how do we not see their fake smiles and smell their crisp $100 bill lined pockets from a mile away?



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