Gay Man Given Maternity Leave in Brazil

For the first time in history Brazil has given a gay man 4 months of maternity leave so he can care for his adopted child.

Brazilian law requires a mother to have 4 months of leave and a father to have 5 days. That is progressive in and of itself, but now a gay man has been granted the same. Brazil has stated that gay couples will still have to request a 4 month leave on an individual basis, but it’s still a step in the right direction.

Leave the politics and religion out and keep the well being of the child in mind!

By the way, Brazil is also the first country to allow a 3-way legal union between a man and two women.  I don’t mean this man has two wives, all three people are actually married to each other.

And guess what?  The world didn’t explode!  Why are we so obsessed with who or what people love? If a man or woman loves a car let them marry the car and pump their gas into it in peace!

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