Researchers Merge Biology with Electronics: First True Cybernetic Tissue Created


Harvard Researchers have created the first true cybernetic tissue, merging electronics with living nerve tissue.  The researchers embed a three-dimensional network of nanoscale wires into human tissues which grow and merge together into perfect, functional unison.

The head researcher, Mark Lieber states that the team has succeeded, for the first time, in working “at the same scale as the unit of biological system without interrupting it. Ultimately, this is about merging tissue with electronics in a way that it becomes difficult to determine where the tissue ends and the electronics begin.”

Through the new technology, the team was able to create a wide range of cybernetic cell types ranging from heart and nerve cells, to bio-engineered blood vessels.  The cells respond organically just like natural cells in our bodies.  The cybernetic cells are also able to provide researchers with feedback regarding overall health and well being of the host environment, as well as the status of the cell itself.

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