U.K. Chief Advisor on Drug Policy Fired For Showing Danger of Alcohol and Tobacco

Professor David Nutt, the U.K. Government’s Chief Advisor on Drugs Policy, was sacked for revealing the intense dangers of alcohol and cigarettes and the relative safety of cannabis and ecstasy.  In this article discussing Professor David Nutt’s research of the dangers of alcohol in he asks why alcohol isn’t illegal if relatively harmless drugs are.

This is a show of blatant disregard for science and scientific insight.  Despite what the U.K.’s scientific councils advised the government regarding the safety of said drugs and the necessary changes of the current policy, they went ahead and did the opposite. Scientists have time and time again been deliberately ignored.  The scientific community is understandably outraged.

Professor Nutt is calling the Prime Minister as irrational, and stressing that the position of politicians on drugs is focused on morals, and devoid of scientific evidence.

Like many governments around the world, this is proof that their focus is on profit rather than public safety, public want, and rationality.



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3 thoughts on “U.K. Chief Advisor on Drug Policy Fired For Showing Danger of Alcohol and Tobacco

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