Ancient Galaxy That Shouldn’t Exist is Perfectly Formed


Astronomers have discovered a 10.7 billion year old galaxy they say shouldn’t exist.  UCLA astrophysicist Alice Shapley thought her team had made an error when they first discovered the ‘grand design’ spiral galaxy, but after further observation it is clear that this galaxy is in fact the real deal.

The spiral galaxy formed just 3 billion years after the Big Bang, which according to contemporary physics and cosmology, is impossible.

For such a well organized, colossal galaxy to form and keep its shape is unprecedented.  Astronomers believe the galaxy, creatively named BX442, kept it’s shape through the gravitational pull and sway of a nearby dwarf galaxy which it is on a collision course with.

The discovery has set a new benchmark in cosmological inquiry and understanding.  Any find that forces us to rethink and reevaluate is a worthwhile discovery.

I think it’s fairly obvious what is going on.  Our distant galactic neighbors have perfected the art of intentional galactic-forming.


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