Teens Give Head at Unprecedented Rates: Oral Sex On the Rise


The CDC has announced that two thirds of teens have had oral sex, the same number as those that have had sexual intercourse.  This reflects a complete change in the hierarchy of sexual intercourse compared to previous generations.

Oral sex was thought to be used to defer vaginal sex, but that is far from the truth. Kids are regularly engaging in oral sex just as much as they practice vaginal sex.

Even more interestingly, the previous gender gap of ‘give and take’ in regards to oral sex has virtually disappeared.  The researchers found that

girls and boys gave and received oral sex equally and that sexual activity began at roughly the same age, with 44% of 15- to 17-year-old boys and 39% of girls of that age engaging in some kind of sexual activity with an opposite-sex partner.”

Although it is nearly impossible to contract AIDS orally, and impossible to become pregnant, there is still the risk of disease.  This has lead experts to believe there is more need than ever to make oral sex part of regular sex education.  Or, in my opinion, actually teach kids about sex during regular sex education.

What is the point of delaying the inevitable and potentially putting our children at risk just because we are afraid they might lose the innocence we ascribe to them?  I have news for you; your child was born a human, there is nothing non-sexual or innocent about them.

Do your child a favor, take responsibility and educate them fully about the world you brought them into.



USA Today: Teen Oral Sex Rates Reflect a “Hierarchical Reordering”

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Prevalence and Timing of Oral Sex with
Opposite-sex Partners Among Females and Males
Aged 15–24 Years: United States, 2007–2010

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