Iceland Arrested Their Criminal Bankers, Economy Booming

In the United States, the bankers who were responsible for the financial crisis were allowed to collect multi-billion dollar bonuses and run to their private islands to watch the ensuing chaos of the economy they destroyed and stole from. Bankers did the same thing in Iceland, and although they were allowed to go free at first, Iceland quickly changed its mind.

Bankers responsible for the economic downfall in Iceland are being rounded up like roaches, arrested, and put behind bars at an exponential rate. They are also being sued so that they will actually have to pay back the billions that are lining their pockets to the people they stole from. What a novel concept.

A recent Forbes article pointed out that the 2012 national audit of the Federal Reserve has been swept into the shadows by the media. It was the first audit of the Federal Reserve since its beginnings in 1913, and despite finding that the Federal Reserve illegally allocated over $16 trillion to corporations and banks all around the world, the findings are being looked over or, for the most part, stringently ignored.

Think about that for a second. The private institution that plays the role of the United States central bank gave out $16 trillion to non-American companies and banks without consent from congress or the American people while the American people struggle with over $14 trillion in debt.

Interestingly, the Icelandic economy is doing great.  Why aren’t we doing the same thing? Instead of seeking justice for those responsible for our economic downfall, our money was illegally given to failing institutions to keep them afloat and we are still allowing the same people to continue running us into the ground.

These men and women are not unstoppable. By ignoring their crimes we are allowing them and their ilk to continue repressing and stealing from innocent, hard working people.

Demand justice!

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