A Planet Covered In Diamonds

news.nationalgeographic.com diamond planet

Picture: AFP/Yale University/Haven Giguere


Men are from Mars, women are from…Cancri 55 e.

Twice the size of our blue home, Cancri 55 e is a planet 40 light years away from Earth within the Cancer constellation.  A year on Cancri 55 e spans 18 hours and the surface temperature averages 2148 degrees Celsius. Doesn’t sound like the best vacation spot, but there is one thing Cancri 55 e has a surplus of; diamonds.  Oceans and mountains of diamonds.

Rather than water and rock, the surface of Cancri 55 e is completely covered and filled with diamond and graphite.

Looks like Cancri 55 e is a girl’s best, best friend.




Astronomers find diamond planet Cancri 55 e, twice the size of Earth

Yale News- Nearby super-Earth likely a diamond planet

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