Cyborg Lobsters Power a Digital Watch

Clarkson University and the University of Vermont College of Medicine have found a new source of renewable energy: lobsters.

Electrodes connected to the abdomens of the lobsters convert flowing glucose into electricity and provide power for as long as the lobsters live, which could, especially in a controlled setting, be over 100 years.  (Click on that link to read about animals that are close to being immortal, and some that actually are).

Looks like our quest to find an alternate and sustainable source of renewable energy is complete. I call upon cyborg lobsters to lead us out of our energy plight, hordes upon endless hordes of cyborg lobsters.



Grist- Scientists create digital watch powered by cyborg lobsters

Tree Hugger- Cyborg Lobsters Could Produce Electricity for Bio-Medical Applications

BBC Nature- Nature’s guide to immortality

Developmental Biology- Cheating Death The Immortal Life Cycle of Turritopsis

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