Kid Allergic to Everything, Attends School Via a Mobile Robot

Devon Carrow’s allergies are so severe that simply being around other children can be life threatening.  He spends nearly all of his time in isolation, and subsists on a diet of corn, apples and carrots.  And yet, he attends school every single day.

Devon sends a robot to school equipped with HD cameras and other useful gizmos in his place.  His robot is called a roboswot, or a VGO robot, and it is designed to allow Devon to go to school without actually, you know, dying. The robot costs approximately $6000 dollars and an additional $1200 per year for routine maintenance, which is still far less than, say, university tuition.

The roboswot allows Devon to interact with his class mates, move from classroom to classroom, and even comes equipped with an LED light that he can use in place of raising his hand.

Devon might be allergic to life, but according to his mom,

he’s required to do everything every other kid does in the class


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