Dyson Spheres and the New Age of Energy

In one week everybody’s life will change. It is the year 3031, and I am the one to finish building the Dyson sphere. I had to finish the algorithm to finally bring the Dyson sphere online. It was unbelievable how Kanye West, our world president, was able to make every government agree to make a Dyson sphere. We had to get everybody’s help to have the materials, money, scientists and sacrifices to build the Dyson sphere. Social media is booming in excitement and anticipation for this event. Global warming is getting out of hand so we know we have to do something about it. In the meantime, Russia, China and the United Countries have come up with the idea to explore other planets. With the energy we acquire from the Dyson sphere, this will be no problem. Also, we will have the energy from the Dyson sphere to develop technology to stop climate change. All the hard work that the world did to make a Dyson sphere will only be complete if I solve the calculation to finally bring it online. Why, do you ask? Well, my name is Cloud Strife, and my mind is capable of processing complex calculations all at once, just like my brothers and sisters, all named Cloud Strife as well. Millions of scientists and professors are trying to help me, but none of them are capable of this level of mathematics. But something incredible has happened: I have found another Dyson sphere using my buster telescope. The bad thing is that there are some sort of beings out there that might be smarter than us. However, at least I found the proper algorithm for the construction of our Dyson sphere using their Dyson sphere. I have the answer now, and in six days, the launch will be all over the news and will be streaming on the Banana Bpad. I can already hear them counting down, preparing to power on the Dyson sphere around our sun, propelling humanity far into the future. I can already hear it, 3…2…1…


What Do You Need to Make a Dyson Sphere?

This topic has been discussed at great length by the well known Youtube channel, Kurzgesagt, in a video entitled, “How to Build a Dyson Sphere.” In the video, the author mentions the importance of the design. The Dyson sphere should probably not be a solid shell because a large rigid body like that would be vulnerable to shattering on impact. What would be better is a Dyson swarm which has orbiting panels that collect the sun’s energy for use by all the world’s people. This Dyson swarm would be better at avoiding the impacts of space debris. If each satellite is a square kilometer it would take about thirty quadrillion of them to surround the sun. Even if we do build them, we would need one hundred quintillion tons of material. Then we would need the parts to put that material together around the sun. We also need a permanent infrastructure set up in space to start building. On top of that, to get the energy for the Dyson sphere, we need to go to a planet closer to the sun so we could easily harness and transport the energy. A good option would be mercury. The permanent infrastructure would need four major pieces of technology: solar collectors, miners, refiners and launch equipment. Finally, would need to get the energy from Mercury to the solar panels on the Dyson sphere. Another option is to use the entire planet of Jupiter as a hollow shell after breaking up the gas giant. While this process might sound extreme, it is possible, and is estimated to take about 800 years to create a Dyson swarm this way, according to Freeman Dyson, the creator of the idea. Dyson states that, 

To trap the energy, earthlings could knock apart the planet Jupiter and rearrange it as a hollow ball about 10 feet thick with a diameter twice the size of earth’s orbit. This would take all the energy given off by the sun in 800 years. Such a sphere would be “comfortably habitable.

How will we handle the transition of a Dyson sphere when the sun enters a new state? Well, when the sun dies it would turn into a white dwarf.  According to physicists Ibrahim Semiz and Salim O˘gur at Bo˘gazi¸ci University in Istanbul, Turkey, you can build a Dyson sphere around the white dwarf without even needing the use of artificial gravity technology. But, even though we can build a Dyson sphere around a white dwarf, we won’t get as much energy. We know this because the sun will lose half its mass when it becomes a white dwarf, meaning less energy.


Do We Currently Have the Technology to Make a Dyson Sphere and if We Did, How Long Would it Take?

No, the amount of energy and materials we need is way too much for us at the current moment. Even with the technology, there is no estimated time because the growth of our energy and technology in the future is hard to tell. Giving a proper estimate of when we will be able to make a Dyson sphere is nearly impossible. In fact, we don’t even know that future civilizations will even want to make a Dyson sphere; or maybe they will even come up with something better. Also, if we do ever wish to get together enough energy and materials, we would need to collaborate on a global scale, requiring governments to work together. A lot of governments will probably not like the idea of joining together. Another point is that it will be hard to convince the world to build a Dyson sphere at such a high cost of materials and energy since failure would result in a complete loss with no real ability to mitigate the losses. 


How Much Energy Would a Dyson Sphere Produce?

By using a Dyson sphere, we would have access to a colossal 400 septillion watts of solar energy. That’s a trillion times more power than what the entire Earth produces today. With this amount of power we could do incredible things, like deconstructing planets by removing parts of the planet to find more energy. We could also power super computers, allowing us to boost our interstellar exploration and space travel. We would also most likely be able to make stellar engines. A stellar engine is a way to move our solar system. We might even be able to travel at light speed because of how much energy we get from the Dyson sphere. This will help us with space travel and space expansion. Another thing we can expand is virtual reality by making it feel more real, meaning you can experience full immersion in virtual reality and meet people or have adventures.  So, now we know that you can make many significant things and change the world from the energy you get from the Dyson sphere. 


What Are the Disadvantages of Making a Dyson Sphere?

One disadvantage would probably be asteroids. When you are building the Dyson sphere, one of the satellites might get damaged by an asteroid, which could jeopardize the whole Dyson sphere. This also relates to the problem that you have to waste a lot of energy to make a Dyson sphere and if it fails then it might create problems on Earth due to a shortage of energy. Another disadvantage might be the fact that if you’re blocking the sun or absorbing its energy, it might make the climate colder. Furthermore, the Dyson sphere might absorb too much energy and the whole thing could fail. The last disadvantage would be that humanity would have to come together to decide what to do with all the energy. So, just deciding what to do with the energy could start wars that could kill millions of people. So, now we know that building a Dyson sphere can be beneficial but it can be disastrous too for humanity.

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