Write for Wondergressive

So, you want to write for Wondergressive? Great, you’re in! We aren’t able to pay you, since the site doesn’t even make enough to pay for itself, but you can do all the self promoting of your site or blog that you want within the bio box at the end of your article.

You can literally write about ANYTHING. Here are the requirements to meet Wondergressive’s standards for each article:

  • Your article must contain at least 1 credible/scholarly source. This can be a peer reviewed scientific study, a scholarly article from an accredited institution, a verified article from a non-partisan news agency, a peer reviewed research paper, etc. To simplify this, at least 1 of your sources must be legit, meaning opinions, personal experiences, partisan groups, and claims without evidence do not count! If you aren’t sure if your source is credible, either send us an email to verify it, or just include another one that you are sure is credible.
  • Your article must be a minimum of 400 words including any quoted text from the sources you use.
  • Opinions are okay, but they should be kept brief and should not be the focus of the article.  Any claims you make in the article must be backed up with a source. If you cannot back up a claim, do not include it in the article.
  • Embed your sources into the article next to the words they should be linked with. For example: A recent study (Harvard.edu/recentstudy) from Harvard University has found that people who write for Wondergressive (www.wondergressive.com) raise their awareness by a factor of 10 (www.researchcenter.org/factors-of-awarness) on a daily basis.
  • A list of all the sources you use should be included at the bottom of the article.

Send all of the above as text or as an attachment to efein0419@gmail.com with the subject: Wondergressive Article. Make sure to include your name as you would like it to appear on Wondergressive and a link to your own website if you have one.

If you are unsure about anything, take a look at some of the articles already published on Wondergressive. You can also send any questions or concerns to the email address given above.

After you send us your article, our editors will look it over and make sure it meets the above criteria. If everything looks good, your article will be published within a week and you will officially be a WonderWriter.

Feel free to send us an article whenever you want. There is no limit to the amount of articles you can submit.

Be Always Growing

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