Nanoparticles Double Injury Survival Rate


Researchers have found that by injecting nanoparticles tailored to connect to blood platelets into the body, the rate of natural blood clotting increases and in turn doubles a victim’s chances of survival after injury.

The researchers noted that “traumatic injury is the leading cause of death for people age 4 to 44, often overwhelming the body’s natural blood-clotting process.”

The find has revealed the capability to double the chances of survival after traumatic injury.  The applications are endless.  Police or paramedics could show up at the scene of a crime or accident and immediately administer the nanoparticles, buying precious time to transport the victim to a hospital.

As if survival rate wasn’t enough, the particles also appear to have no negative side effects as “the researchers also found that the hybrid clots were as firm as natural clots. In additional testing, they found no complications following administration of the nanoparticles.”

For all you Twilight fans out there, this would also be a great way for vampires to elongate the orgasmic experience of bloodsucking.

Just saying.

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